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As lovers of Black music history, Jay Ray and DJ Sir Daniel have made some incredible strides over the past two years with their podcast, Queue Points.  The show has quickly become a mainstay in the Camp Lo-Fi podcast queue.  As a BSOTS feed bonus, I am pleased to share this special episode of Queue Points with you, one where I joined the dynamic duo as a guest in their exploration of trip hop and drum and bass.  Enjoy the show!

Episode Description

Queue Points - The Power of the Drop: Trip Hop and Drum & Bass Shook The World

There was a rumble coming out of the UK in the early-1990s. With the heavy influence of hip-hop came new styles that changed the way many experienced the music they loved. From the early days of Jungle that birthed Drum and Bass to to Trip Hops genre bending sounds, the crew continues our musical journey to the UK with, guest, Jason Randall Smith of Radio BSOTS.

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